Monday’s Menu: Chinese Take Out at Home

Why order Chinese Take Out when you can make it at home, right?

Well, lets just say, this was not one of my finest ideas….great intension, not so great turnout. I thought it would be so fun to surprise Adam with a Movie and Take Out Night at Home Friday night. After a little Pinterest searching I found what I was going to make, Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken, Pork Potstickers and Cauliflower Fried Rice.

I ran to the grocery store, picked up the ingredients I needed and a few Redbox Rentals and was ready for date night! I got in the kitchen about 3pm to start prepping….(How do I remember this? My favorite Trashy Soap-opera, Young & The Restless was on!)

I started with the Cauliflower Fried Rice: I followed the Iowa Girl Eats recipe to a T, starting with hand grading all of the cauliflower because Adam and I do not have a food processors. Lord help me- it took forever! I’ve had friends that have tried it before (not sure it was this exact recipe) and said it was too bland. I thought the flavor was great, but the texture was a little, mushy. Not my cup of tea. I definitely do not plan on conquering this technic again, especially without a Food Processor. (Hint Hint @Helihubby)

Fried Rice

On to the Pot Stickers…I mixed together all the ingredients indicated in the recipe and placed a small amount of the mixture in the wonton wrappers (these are located in the produce department with all of the Tofu by the way).

Pot Stickers Won Ton Wrappers

I set aside about 8 potstickers and froze the rest for another time. I set the 8 aside for us to cook right before Adam got home.

The Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken was by far my favorite part of this experiment. Check out the recipe it is pretty easy too. It was fairly easy to make and tasted great! It was actually BETTER the next day!

Sweet&Sour Chicken

When Adam arrived the coffee table was set, our movie, The Gambler was in the DVD player,  and the wine was chilled. The beeper was buzzing to take the Chicken out of the oven and I had oil heating to give the Potstickers a quick fry.

Well thankfully Adam arrived when he did…after 3 hours of cooking I was about to have a Meal Making Breakdown. The outsides of the potstickers were cooking incredibly too fast for the insides. I don’t know what Adam did exactly, but he must have seen terror all over my face when he walked in and immediately took over and they were perfect!


*Note to self: I have recently learned its a good idea to do a quick fry to each side of the Potsticker and then steam them in a shallow bath to finish cooking the inside. Not that I plan to ever make this again its a good idea just in case.

A great wine to pair with this dish is one of my favorites! Pacific Rim Late Harvest Riesling is crisp and oh so tasty!


What a fun night in for @Helihubby and I! Do you have any tips for making a dish like this- we’d love to hear from you!

We hope you’re enjoying your Newly Newlywed or Nearly Newlywed moments as much as we are! Happy Cooking!


Adam & Holly

PS: Remember, we’re Newlyweds not experts!

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