Go Blue! (And TCU!)

The honeymoon has begun!

Greetings from freezing cold Michigan! Literally, it’s 25 degrees as I type!
To begin our 10 day vacation Adam surprised me with a weekend trip to The Big House. Woo! Go Blue!

We tailgated with some of Adams family and one of our groomsmen. Adams Uncle was apart of the 1974 Big 10 Championship Team and introduced us to his former teammates at a tailgate. Talk about an unforgettable first game experience! (Thanks Uncle Derk!) Of course no trip to a university would be complete without a visit to the ZTA house!

I could have never prepared myself for the extreme winter weather we experienced at my first Michigan game! Jacket- check, hat- check, gloves- check, freezing- check! The University made a killing off of our hot chocolate and blanket purchases. This southern belle just can not handle the cold!

Despite the crisp temperatures the game was AWESOME! Michigan pulled out with a big win- and we all know what kind of season the poor wolverines are having. I will say I don’t think I’ve ever wanted a game to be over as much as I wanted yesterday’s game to end. My feet were so cold it hurt to walk. Can you even imagine that?

We’re now holding down the fort at DTW to board our flight to Cancun! Warm, sunny days and girly drinks with little umbrellas are calling my name! Viva a Mexico!

We’re enjoying our newly newlywed moments- hope y’all are too!

Remember, were Newlyweds not experts.

Cheers y’all!

PS: TCU beat West Virginia too! Go Frogs!






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