10 Days.

Woo! We’ve been married 10 days!

Clearly we are still in our “Honeymoon stage” if we are counting the days! Our wedding was absolutely perfect then again I am biases on the subject. Most would think we would start our story with our Wedding Day, but we will come back to this…the story will be much more enjoyable with pictures! So much to share!

Adam and I didn’t stay in Atlanta long! Last Sunday we packed our bags and headed to Orlando. He had a work conference and I was able to tag along! You know me, tell me when&where and my bags are packed! Although Adam had to work, we had a great time! We were able to go to a few work events, have supper down in Celebration and even got a few laughs from of our lovely hotel. Of course I wouldn’t go to Orlando and not visit the Mouse House. Animal and Magic Kingdom were calling my name- perfect weather and no crowds- couldn’t have asked for better Disney Days!

photo 2(1) photo 3 photo 4

Side Note: For those that don’t know, I LOVE Disney World. If you’re planning your first visit or just a family trip I have tons of tips and helpful hints! #Disney #Disneyworld #professional #planner

We got back just in time for some College Football the following Saturday. We were game day ready with a few of our Wedding gifts: Michigan and TCU serving platters! Cuteness! How about those  Frogs? Woo! At least one of our Teams (TCU) is in the Top 10! #TCU #Football #Saturdays #Gameday

photo(1) photo

We’re working on settling in this week- I’ve been quite the little domesticated wifey! Recipes and photos will come soon!

Enjoy your Newly or Nearly Newlywed moments!

Remember we’re newlyweds not experts.

Cheers Y’all!

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